Dérive, Minsk

Digital collage
Variable dimensions

Expressions or visual communication, commonly found in urban settings, are conspicuously absent in the streets of Minsk, Belarus. The cityscape lacks graffiti, swiftly removed, stickers, and even advertising campaigns. In Minsk, sculptures stand as the sole visible form of expression. This artistic medium is utilized to convey and depict prominent historical figures — all male — such as Dzierżyński, Gorky, Lenin, and Stalin. These works assume an almost emblematic status, symbolizing acts of homage.

Engaging in the creation, production, or public display of art in this environment exposes individuals to the immediate response of law enforcement, leading to arrests and subsequent rigorous interrogations, potentially resulting in prison sentences.

Confronted with such circumstances, a virtual exploration of the city has been envisioned using available virtual technologies on any smartphone. Consequently, the cityscape is adorned with creations by Belarusian artists, alongside references from the realms of modern and contemporary art.