Principe de précaution, Winter Palace

Pencil and marker on paper
15 parts
each 59,4 x 42 cm
Framed dimension : 230 x 186 cm

Winter Palace, Galerie ALB, Paris, 2015

Principe de Précaution is an ongoing series of drawings that inventories all kinds of protection devices displayed in front of artworks in institutional spaces: museum, gallery, art fairs, etc… Using a minimal aesthetic, drawings are only composed of lines which differ in thickness when representing architectural volume or protection devices. Artworks are removed from the exhibition spaces that become abstract, full of disciplinary signs that more and more overrun public spaces.

matthieu martin, exposition personnelle, galerie alb, winter palace, principe de précaution, anouklebourdiec, centre pompidou
Matthieu Martin, artiste, artist, Dimensions Variables Paris