Sprayed Stockholm Walls

Spray paint on graffiti magazine
47,5 x 35,9 x 4 cm
Private collection

Exhibitions :
In Cité, Galerie ALB, Paris, 2013
Update,Winkelhausenkaserne, Osnabrück, 2012

“Sprayed” is a series of paintings made with spray paint directly onto the magazines dedicated to graffiti. In this process, the photographs of the graffiti on the pages are covered by colored paint rectangles. These simple geometric interventions appropriate the visuals presented in the magazines to a new interpretation of the original images.

This artistic approach deliberately shifts attention away from the graffiti, resulting in a hybrid urban landscape suspended between fiction and reality. The deliberate use of monochrome accentuates the visual metamorphosis, compelling the viewer to delve into the intricate layers of paint and the interplay of transparency. This series invites a reconsideration of the dynamic between the artist, graffiti, and the urban environment, establishing a profound reflection on the interaction between artistic expression, street art, and contemporary society.

matthieu martin, art, artist, art in public space, streetart, painting