Sprayed monochrome 22

Spray paint on Color photography
86 x 64,5 cm

In the ‘Sprayed Monochrome’ series, the artist curates and extracts specific images from graffiti magazines. These carefully chosen photographs undergo a process of cropping, enlargement, and meticulous transformation with paint. Similar to the ‘Sprayed’ series, the graffiti is covered with an aerosol can, utilizing geometrically shaped flat patches of color. The deliberate use of a single color accentuates the concept of crafting a surface that is simultaneously tangible and vacant, achieved through the intentional omission of central elements that formerly constituted the initial image. This artistic process functions as a strategic divergence, a visually astute reappropriation, introducing a new interpretation of the original images. It offers an invitation to explore and question the connections between the monochrome’s practice and graffiti in our actual context of contemporary artistic discourse.

This artistic approach deliberately shifts attention away from the graffiti, resulting in a hybrid urban landscape suspended between fiction and reality. The deliberate use of monochrome accentuates the visual metamorphosis, compelling the viewer to delve into the intricate layers of paint and the interplay of transparency. This series invites a reconsideration of the dynamic between the artist, graffiti, and the urban environment, establishing a profound reflection on the interaction between artistic expression, street art, and contemporary society.